Hans Verleur – Storytelling with Light



The essence of imaging to me is storytelling and lighting. In photography I like to create a sort of single-frame-stories, in which the action extends beyond the frame and the lighting conditions set the mood. Pinpointing my style I would say it is cinematographic, the light tells an important part of the story. On top of this, I enjoy the co-creation with creatives and the collaboration with the subjects is the key to my work.

Although my assignments range from portraits to (urban)landscapes I consider lifestyle as my core direction in which I can create these stories within the scope of the assignments.

I have specialized myself in customized image banks: client specific series of images which reflect the essence of the company or of a certain product. During such productions my full photographic and production experience come into play: storytelling, improvisation, wide production experience, dealing with challenges and in depth client relation.
I aim for cost-effective productions in which, as necessary, I guide and advise the client throughout the whole production process.

Clients big or small, I am always dedicated to maximize the outcome.

  • Hendrik Figeeweg 5L
    2031 BJ Haarlem

  • +31 6 502 075 20
  • hans@hansverleur.com
  • www.hansverleur.com